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DAAD RISE Program: Selection Funnel

Here I explain how I will select five candidates for an interview for the DAAD RISE program internship position for summer 2020 that I am supervising. This post will be mostly useful for applicants, and my future application-evaluating self.

DAAD RISE Q & A: Detect gravitationally bound stars from flaring activity

The application deadline is on Monday, Dec 16. I collected a number of questions from interested students that I'd like to share with anyone who is interested in applying, or just got curious about the title.

A good thing happened to me

I've been to an astronomy conference. I'd like such conferences to happen to other PhD students (and seniors, too). Let me tell you why.

Flying is still bad, but we can do something about it

Earlier, I dramatically announced that I was about to do something against the culture of excessive flying in academia. Here, I summarize the steps I have taken in the past six weeks. I compile what I learned and some surprising insights, spot difficulties, and declare what I will do next to eventually reduce academic flying by about 80%.

Flying in academia is wrong, and I need to do something about it

I should not be okay with having complete strangers suffering from severe consequences of unpredictable weather extremes, just because I need to meet with those scientists somewhere around the globe.

Moral orbits

Not only can astronomy and moral philosophy be thought together, they likely ought to.

Moral orbits feature image Photo Credit: yuting gao